One Michigan man apparently forgot the basics of deer handling before he stowed it away in the trunk of his car: make sure it’s not still alive. According to WWMT-TV, the driver had hit the young deer in Kalamazoo along a small road. Thinking that the animal had died, he decided to bring the meat back to his family.

When he parked at a nearby hotel, officers noticed the damage to his vehicle and questioned the man about the incident. They then asked him to open up the trunk so they could inspect the carcass.

Surprise. The frightened animal leapt out of the trunk and after several seconds trying to orient itself, the deer bolted into a wooded area behind the hotel.

The driver was described as “lost for words.”

There is no information on the deer’s injuries. Hopefully, it won’t be too worse for the wear after its short car ride.


Image screenshot of video by viralmediaglobal on youtube

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