Worried about nuclear war, or possibly a zombie invasion? Realtor Hoyt Murphy has just the thing to prepare–a cold war era bomb shelter being sold for $499,000.

The shelter–which is located in Florida’s St. Lucie County–was built by AT&T in the 1960s to prepare for possible nuclear war. The facility can house and support up to five people for thirty days, so you should start picking out which friends and family you want with you post-apocalypse.

The bunker is covers nearly 7,000 square feet and is equipped with industrial springs everywhere (including the bathrooms) to help reduce the effects of a blast. Better yet, if you don’t have time to stock up before the apocalypse this bunker has you covered, with baking powder, milk solids, sugar, and bacon dices still on the shelves from the 1960s. You may still want to consider stocking up with your own, fresher supplies.

To make your way into the heart of the bunker, you have to crawl through a small concrete tunnel, which could be perfect for holding off intruders–be they alive or dead. That tunnel also leads to two massive air intakes that will close in the event of radiation, and carbon filters would then activate to ensure a clean air supply.

Murphy told NBC News Channel 5 that “A Week or so ago, we had some preppers from the South Florida Survivalist Group,” as well as less apocalypse-minded people considering the bunker for “things such as antique car storage.” If you want to prepare for the end of civilization as we know it, hurry, as this post-apocalyptic haven may not be on the market much longer.

Image and video courtesy NBC News Channel 5

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