Lane Bruder and Victor Borland’s 3D peep sight made its debut to the archery world in the 2012 Archery Trade Association’s annual trade show. It has gone a long way since the two first dreamed up the sight while practicing range shooting and building their first prototypes in a garage. They have a few fans.

Well, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement, as the inventors struck a deal with Cabela’s to start selling the device this April.

Will this innovative tool become the next big thing in archery? Bruder and Borland sure hope so.

“You don’t change a single thing about what you are doing,” Bruder told NewsOK. “You don’t change your anchor point. You don’t change your form. If you have a five-pin sight on your bow, this turns into a 10-pin sight.”

The secret in the 3D peep sight lies in its simplistic design. The device is essentially two combined peep sights that, in Bruder’s opinion, allows for longer range and more accurate shooting. Bruder says that the device is reliable from anywhere between 15 and 150 or more yards. The sights are sold at $20 a pop online and manufactured by Durant Plastics.

See the video below for a detail explanation:


“We’ve been waiting for someone to come tell us, ‘It didn’t work for me,’ but that’s not been the case,” Bruder said. “We have had zero gripes. Zero returns.”

So far, two world records have been bagged with the contraption, including a record sambar stag nailed by Roy Durbin at 75 yards. In an interview with Bowhunting Down Under, Durbin explained to the magazine how he had to prove his bowmanship to his guide, who doubted his accuracy. Durbin promptly ended that doubt by sinking a tight group of three arrows at 125 feet.

“I can say unbiased it’s the best $20 I have ever spent on my bow,” Durbin concluded. With such a stellar endorsement, the 3D peep sight could be an item to keep your eyes on.

Ah puns.

Image screenshot of video by 3dpeepsight on youtube

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One thought on “3D Peep Sights Set to Be Archery’s Newest Craze?

  1. Seems like it’s pretty similar to the String Sight system. I don’t have the land to shoot that far so I’ll stick with the traditional single peep and no D loop and keep the speed. Cool idea though

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