Phil Robertson is unique for a number of reasons. He turned down an NFL contract (he was drafted after just three years of college) because it interfered with duck season. During college his back up was this Terry Bradshaw guy you might have heard of. He invented the Duck Commander duck call and he’s part of the hit show Duck Dynasty.

Also, as the following video illustrates, Roberson is potentially the most prominent critic of technological intrusion on our lives since the 19th century. The heavily edited video morphs some of the veteran outdoorsman’s best quips into a catchy tune. Check it out below.


Image is a screenshot courtesy Gurney Productions on youtube

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2 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Opines on Technology in Music Video: “Nope”

  1. My man has a point. At first I had a major problem downgrading from my iPhone to a crappy $10 flip-phone but I tell you what, I don’t miss my iPhone much — and you’re talking to a guy who’s done everything digital, from mobile app development to writing eBooks to living on my computer on a daily basis for over ten years. And I still depend on my computer for my livelihood, but I depend on the wilderness to truly feel ALIVE youknowwhati’msayin’ brotha????

  2. So very true!!!! Get your kids outdoors! They learn so much from being outside. Its great for there exercise, it helps there developement mentally. Give it a try, go hunting, camping, fishing, shooting, four weeling, hiking, boating, skiing, ETC.

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