Peggy Gervase noticed something weird in the pond near her house in Eden, New York last Friday. Upon closer inspection, Gervase saw that a number of concentric circles were marked into the thin cover of ice over the water. The resemblance to crop circles was uncanny.

“It’s eerie in a way and it’s cool in a way,” said Gervasse. “It’s crop circles!”

Gervase snapped a few pictures and then sent them to WGRZ, where a number of commentators and “experts” chimed in on the situation. Speculation ranged anywhere from underwater springs to gas leaks to goose flatulence. Extraterrestrial lifeforms are of course a popular topic, but Gervase shot that  theory down.

“I’m not that far gone yet,” she told WGRZ’s Ron Plants when he asked if there were any strange lights in the sky or secret government experiments taking place.

One of the more plausible theories involve thermal differences in the water causing it to penetrate upwards and melting the ice. However, as scientifically unsound as it may be, flatulent ducks still head the list.

Image screenshot of video by HotViralNews on youtube

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