Many hunters will say there is nothing quite like sighting a whitetail buck for the first time in its native habitat, standing tall and glimpsed from behind the cover of trees. Poking between cars in a Walmart parking lot however, is suitably less scenic. According to the Indiana Gazette, for 40-year-old Arcangelo Bianco, Jr., the opportunity proved too great to resist.

He sighted the 10-point deer just outside a Burrel Township, Pennslyvania Walmart and promptly forgot that he had business with the bank that day. Instead, Bianco retrieved a handgun that he had kept in his truck and began squeezing off rounds at the animal. The incident happened around two in the afternoon, usually peak hours for shopping.

“Obviously, we can’t have someone running through a Walmart parking lot shooting at a deer,” said Game Commission officer Jack Lucas.

Bianco chased the deer across the parking lot, firing shots as he went. The buck finally went down past a nearby highway, where the man retrieved the animal and transported it to a meat processor. His unique style of “hunting” did not go unnoticed, surveillance cameras picked up the enitre incident on video. Bianco is being formally charged with hunting without a license, shooting across a roadway, unlawful taking of big game and reckless endangerment with possibly more charges to come. A preliminary hearing is set to take place in May.

The saddest part?

“It was the nicest buck I’ve seen taken in Indiana County in a couple of years,”  said Officer Lucas.

Image from Walmart Corporate on the flickr Creative Commons

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14 thoughts on “Man Faces Charges for Shooting Buck in Walmart Parking Lot

      1. What you want to bet he is also an illegal immigrant! Nice going obama what other kind of defication can you come with to screw this country over you gob of feces!
        They should take his vehicle and he should be deported after imprisonment for 25 years!

  1. Is he a Citizen?

    Or just educated in the government indoctrination centers by parents that don’t care if they raised a moron?

  2. I hunt, but this is the worst case of “buck fever” i have ever heard of. This guy should have not only his guns taken away, but his trigger finger as well. His stupidity gas probably done as much to harm our 2nd Amendment rights as any mass shooter. He is an example of why agravated stupidity shouldbe a major felony nationwide

  3. He got the message from DC…Joe Biden told him to get a gun and fire off a few rounds. He had to protect himself from that 10 point buck at Walmart. It could have attacked him and injured him. (sarcasm intended)

  4. How about charges against illegal alien status? How about illegal possession of handgun? And yes, law abiding gun owners should turn out in force to declare their disgust over the event and to demand every ounce of prosecution available! Are you reading from PA. Get on it!

  5. great article D XU!. Wow, someone got a bit buck crazed. I have seen ultiple times in close call spots where a buck has been out in the open and i knew it was adjacent to a piece i was hunting and i couldnt do it, but to think someone went that crazy in a wall mart lot is actually freaking weird… I want to know if he was drinking because buck fever or not mid day handgun chasing at a wall mart just does not sound like a sober activity to me…

  6. Firing a hand gun in a Walmart parking lot? He could have killed someone besides the deer. Human stupidity. He should be prosecuted to the extent of the law… and the NRA should be his prosecutor.

    1. Me tinks the NRA might desire to terminate his respiration eternally with great prejudice under present circumstances and issues at hand! But with a little investigation they may be able to make a case against obama and his support of mental and criminal immigrants having been unleashed on America!

  7. This has to be the best ending to a news story I’ve read in quite some time:
    The saddest part?

    “It was the nicest buck I’ve seen taken in Indiana County in a couple of years,” said Officer Lucas.

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