Rock musician Ted Nugent has long been an advocate for hunter’s rights, and made a surprise appearance at a Texas House Committee meeting on Wednesday with a testimony that stole the show. According to The Dallas Morning News, the Committee on Culture, Recreation and Tourism was discussing a deer hunting bill, HB 2433, introduced by Representative John Davis (R-Houston). The bill would require deer breeders to release the animals into the wild at least 60 days before hunters hit the field. The current requirement is 10 days before hunting season.

Supporters of the bill included biologists, ranchers, and others who felt that the short period of time that the deer had to adjust was unethical. Opponents in the room argued that the bill would be a major blow to breeders, and limited sportsmen in hunting opportunities. The discussion became heated as the divided gathering argued over the finer points of the bill. It was towards the end that Nugent, dressed in a camouflage shirt and matching hat, stood up to give his testimony.

Introducing himself as an avid hunter, Nugent denounced the bill for the negative effects it would have on the state’s outdoor industry.

“Texas has such a glowing positive reputation for the world’s leader in wildlife management success and family hours of recreation and just incredible lifestyle and industry,” said Nugent told KTBC. “I want to make sure we eliminate as many obstacles to that as we can.”

The audience was inflated by spectators who were there to hear the sometimes controversial Nugent speak, and at times laughed along with the musician’s unique brand of humor. Nugent even became reflective on his passion for hunting.  

“I’m celebrating my 64th season of hunting clean and sober because I get high on venison,” the rocker testified.  “The mystical flight of the arrow, and the fair chase of getting up early, using the wind, using the sun and trying to outmaneuver these incredible majestic beasts that are not just protein sustenance, but–and I think I speak on behalf of everyone else in this room–spiritual sustenance.”

No vote was reached on the issue on Wednesday.

Below is a video interview in which Nugent extols the virtues of venison and hunting as part of a healthy diet.


Image screenshot of video by Your Day Productions Manwiller on youtube

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8 thoughts on “Ted Nugent Testifies at Texas Deer Hunting Hearing

  1. So he’s not only a draft dodger he’s a sports-less “sportsman?”

    Why would he work to DEPRIVE the “magestic” deer of the opportunity to evade being killed?

    GIve ’em a chance.

    Bet when tedly hunts he uses a 40x scope, too. Coward.

    1. You sir, are a doofus. 40x scope on a bow? I’ve seen him kill buffalo with a longbow and pigs with a pistol. He also eats everything he kills. Imagine that. Killing your own food. Hypocrite.

    2. I’ve seen people use a bow, gun, and even a spear to hunt deer with but never have i heard of someone hunting with a 40x scope. Must be you have to get close enough to tonk them in the head. Frikkin moron!

  2. Ted is a buffoon. He doesn’t speak for me, he does far more damage to the image of pro 2A than help it.
    He’s violated game laws several times, wonderful.
    Awesome axe player in his prime, though(30 years ago), I’ve seen him in concert three times.


  4. Ted Nugent is not the Conservative’s hero. True he dodged the draft, true he wasn’t a respectable person in his youth, but at least he has waken from his “libturd comma” and is speaking out in defense of our Constitution and our rights as humans and Americans. Interesting how libturds like Mohamed Ali dodge the draft and do nothing in life but make money off of the American public, talk arrogant crap, and do NOTHING toward the improvement of the world around them and the rest of the libturds love and praise them to the grave. Hanoi J. Fonda, is no different; this b*tch basically spit on our troops and caused them irreparable harm with visits to the enemy, yet libturds love, praise, and support her; she apologizes but show me one thing she has done to SHOW she means it. Hanoi Jane should have spent the rest of her life working with and helping soldiers in some way – how about donating time or money?; no, J. Fonda’s apology is just empty words. Libturds and their “heroes” are the most self-centered, arrogant, empty people on the planet – did I mention Obuthead?

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