Notorious cabin burglar Troy James Knapp, 45, admitted to law enforcement after his capture that he held a grudge against hunters. During Knapp’s six-year spree of burglaries and vandalism in the Utah mountains he raided numerous cabins, many belonging to sportsmen. Knapp would pillage any firearms, supplies, and especially liked to vandalize any cabin he felt was too well stocked.

According to Fox 13, Knapp told officers that he lived a survivalist lifestyle in the wilderness because he disliked people. Knapp expressed a particular disdain for hunters.

“He didn’t like all the money they spent on their ATVs and guns and different things like that,” Sevier County Sheriff Nate Curtis told Fox 13. “He basically told us he’d rather they have a bow made out of their own hands. So he really, in particular, expressed that he did not like hunters.”

In past years several well-equipped but abandoned camps have been seen in the area of Knapp’s break-ins. These camps often contained stacks of stolen firearms and outdoor equipment. It is suspected that Knapp stole these items just to dump them out in the wild.

Officials now believe Knapp to have committed over 40 burglaries and will be pressing multiple charges against him, including attempted murder for shooting at a police helicopter.

Image screenshot of video by 1OneMinuteNews on youtube

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