Canadian businessman Georges D’Aoust, 75, made his millions in construction but his heart remains that of an avid hunter. Now, after 40 years of hunting, D’Aoust is turning his home into a tribute to the animals he’s taken. Hundreds of animals like rhinos, antelope, and cheetahs were prepared by expert taxidermists and put on display.

According to The Sun, the businessman first embraced hunting in his native Canada on the shores of Lake Caniapiscau, where he shot caribou.

“From there, I went to British Columbia for two other hunting trips before I was bitten by the Africa bug,” D’Aoust said. “Since then I have never stopped traveling the world in search of game as diverse as possible. I’ve hunted in more than 40 countries worldwide.”

Three-hundred animals decorate D’Aoust’s home, reminders of his globe-trotting adventures that are estimated to be worth roughly $6.8 million. The hunter is considering donating the collection to a national museum.

“Life has blessed me by giving me everything–today, at age 75, I have to get ready to step aside for others,” D’Aoust told The Sun. That, however, doesn’t mean that the hunter will be sitting it out. D’Aoust plans to visit Ghana for his next safari, possibly in the pursuit of royal antelope.

Images screenshots of video by CrazyCuteVids on YouTube

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9 thoughts on “Photos: Millionaire Safari Hunter Turns Home into Animal Museum

      1. That’s not a way of life any more than Ted Bundy or Tyler Weinman had a way of life. The only difference is that one wasteful killing is legal while the other is not.

  1. First proof for me that the rich Canadians SOB’s are also part of the destruction of the African wildlife. Nothing better to do with your money? Such an idiot.

  2. Disgusting psychopathic idiot. Both he and the animals he hunts are wasted lives, don’t care how much he is worth financially, morally he is bankrupt.

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