Spring in Vermont and New York brings about many images in peoples’ minds: flowers pushing up through warming soil, new buds on all the trees, and being able to go outdoors without first having to put on 19 different layers.
And for many, spring time means fishing!!

15 species – 50 weeks – $25,000!

On April 13, 2013, LCI is excited to announce the launch of their first all-new tournament in over a decade: The Inaugural LCI Champlain Basin Derby.

The Champlain Basin Derby, or CBD for short, is the new evolution of our venerable All-Season Tournament. When asking ourselves the question “how can we engage more anglers, and bring them more ways to win?” we realized it was time to take things basin wide.

This new, 50-week event is open to any legal, public body of water within the US portion of the Lake Champlain Basin. There are 15 eligible species, and more than $25,000 in cash prizes to be split among the top three heaviest fish in each category. Stop off at your favorite stream after work? You’re in! Have a secret spot on your local lake? You’re in! Know a hidden reef to troll? You’re in! Weigh them in at a location close to your favorite fishing hole, then head on home and have a fresh fish dinner!

Why basin wide? Just like our nationally known Father’s Day Derby presented by Yamaha, proceeds from the Champlain Basin Derby support LCI’s award-winning conservation programs. By bringing waters into play from well beyond Lake Champlain – hundreds of miles away in some cases – we draw attention to the fact that our waters are all connected, and what happens upstream can have a big impact on those downstream.

50 weeks – 15 species – $25,000 dollars. If you fish in the basin, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Image courtesy Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

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