Gold Tip Pro, Tommy Gomez, rose to the occasion and claimed his first win of the season at the third ASA event of the year, held in West Monroe, Louisiana, April 5-7th.  Gomez, who has become one of the most consistent Pros on the tour, won during Sunday’s final shoot-off, which also included Gold Tip’s Tim Gillingham and Levi Morgan.   Gillingham, the leader after the first round, with a 220, finished in third place.  Morgan took home fifth. At the ASA outdoor 3-D event, Pro Division contestants shoot two rounds of twenty targets from unmarked distances that vary in distance up to 50 yards.   The five highest scores from the first two rounds qualify for the shoot-off to decide the winner.

Gomez was shooting Gold Tip’s Ultralight Pro Xcutters , a large diameter “line cutter” shaft that has taken the 3-D circuit by storm. Gillingham shot Gold Tip’s Triple X Pro shafts, the largest diameter shaft in the Gold Tip target arrow line.   Both Gomez and Gillingham were also using Bee Stinger stabilizer systems.

Gold Tip Senior Pros scored a clean sweep of their division in West Monroe, with Allen Conners taking home the win shooting Ultralight Pro Xcutters and using a Bee Stinger stabilizer system.  Conners held the lead after the first two rounds heading into the shoot-off, where he clinched the victory.  Gold Tip shooters, Art Brown and Colin Boothe finished second and third, respectively.

Gold Tip shooter, Sharon Carpenter, took home a second place finish in the Women’s Pro Division.  Carpenter led the Women’s Pro Division after the first two rounds, but lost in a close shoot-off Sunday.  Carpenter was shooting Gold Tip’s Ultralight Pro 600 shafts.

“The consistency of our shooters’ tournament success is a testament to the consistency and toughness of Gold Tip arrows, “ said Mitch McKay, Gold Tip Sales Director. “ Week after week, tournament after tournament we’re proud to see the Gold Tip Team making their mark and finding success in nearly every division.’

Image courtesy Bast-Durbin Advertising

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