The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission gave a long-awaited thumbs up for a lighted nocks proposal late last week. According to The Spokesman Review, hunters such as Jim Sutton headed the measure four years earlier in Washington, one of a handful of states that forbid its use. Many hunters see lighted nocks as a beneficial tool that does not give the hunter who uses it a significant advantage in shooting game. Instead, the primary use of a lighted nock is to aid the bowhunter in finding arrows on the field so hunters can then address how and when to track the animal. A majority of states allow its use in bowhunting, although a vocal opposition in Washington kept the proposal at bay.

Some say that the device will allow bowhunters to try shooting later in the day or hunt beyond their abilities. Opponents also believe that the nocks offer unethical advantages over game.

“The nock is merely an aid to help recover your arrow and allow you to recover your gear,”  Sutton told Outdoor Hub in an interview. “This is a win not only for archers, this is a win for the public, the landowners and the game we love to pursue. If we shoot at a deer in the woods and we can’t find our arrow, we don’t want children picking it up and playing with it.” Sutton said the nocks will also help with landowner relations as the arrows will not interfere with farm animals or crop tending

People have warmed to the idea since Sutton’s efforts began several years ago. The proposal now has significant backing inside the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and was approved in a 6-2 vote.

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3 thoughts on “Washington State Commission Approve Lighted Nocks for Bowhunting

  1. Hunting or practicing with lighted nocks were legal will make you a better archer or hunter plain and simple, If your hunting ethics or pride wont allow you lighted nocks then dont use them. But dont harp on other hunters who use them for what ever reason they choose. It sure takes the guessing out of a shot when you can see where it hits, especially during prime hunting time hours, Often the first or last few minutes of legal hunting time.

  2. ….if lighted nocks give archers an unfair advantage….what does scopes do for rifle hunters???? …….just askin’…

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