Quail Forever (QF) announces the formation of five new Quail Forever chapters in California. The Ridgecrest, Riverside, Los Padres, San Gabriel Valley, and Ventura County Quail Forever chapters will focus their efforts on improving habitat for quail and other upland wildlife, and introducing youth to the outdoors. The addition of these chapters brings California to 15 PF/QF chapters and over 1,200 members.

“What’s happening across California for quail is very exciting if you care about the state’s upland wildlife,” says Dan Connelly, Quail Forever regional field representative. “Individuals and communities are making quail a priority here, and through the improvements made, all Californians benefit through the clean water and air, increased wildlife and opens spaces.

Quail Forever, the leader in quail conservation efforts, was formed on August 10, 2005 by Pheasants Forever (PF) to address the loss of quail habitat and the subsequent quail population decline across the U.S. quail range. Quail Forever utilizes the same model that has allowed Pheasants Forever’s 600 chapters and 125,000 members to accomplish over 450,000 habitat projects across the country since its formation in 1982.

Ridgecrest Quail Forever, located in Ridgecrest, has elected Wes Hensley as president, Dave Fischer as habitat chair, Larry Boyer as co-habitat chair, Tim Mahoney as banquet chair, and Ron Page as treasurer. For more information, please email Wes Hensley.

Los Padres Quail Forever, located in Simi Valley, has elected Erik Smith as president, Andrew Kenyon as vice president, Barbara Kellogg as secretary, Mark Kellog as youth/education chair, and Bruce Kenyon as treasurer and habitat chair. For more information, please email Erik Smith.

Riverside Quail Forever, located in Orange County, has elected Craig Riedel as president, Craig Ridel as treasurer and youth/education chair, and Toni Naisbitt as banquet chair. For more information, please contact Craig Riedel.

Ventura County Quail Forever, located in Ventura County, has elected Mike Reinesto as president and banquet chair, Steve Nelson as treasurer, and Sam Reed as habitat chair. For more information, please contact Mike Reinesto.

San Gabriel Quail Forever, located in Los Angeles County, has elected Tim Bovard as president and Wendell Deppe as Treasurer. For more information, please email Tim Bovard.

Unlike other national conservation organizations, Quail Forever and Pheasant Forever empower local chapters with the responsibility to determine how 100 percent of their locally raised conservation funds will be spent. This local control allows members to see the fruits of their chapter efforts in their own communities, while belonging to a national organization with a voice on federal conservation policy in Washington D.C.

Logo courtesy Quail Forever

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