Voigt, Lund, Blackwell, Watson, Smith Take Division Wins As Well in Texas

For the second time in as many seasons, Vertx’s Rustin Bernskoetter rode into Texas and put up big numbers to take home a major match win on the 3-Gun Nation Divisional Series.

“It felt fantastic,” Bernskoetter said of the win. “Texas treats me well these days. I should probably move there.”

Indeed, maybe he should.

Bernskoetter picked up his second major match win by besting a field of more than 220 competitors in Tactical Optics at the SureFire Texas Multigun Championship recently. Bernskoetter’s 1069.62 match points narrowly topped Vertx teammate Chris Andersen’s total of 1066.4.

“My first day was rough, very rough,” Bernskoetter said. “I tripped and fell on one stage and then shot the long-range stage with 20+mph gusting winds. After the first day I was about 70 points down from where I thought I should be.

“By the end of the second day, the preliminary results were tight,” Bernskoetter continued. “There were five or six of us all right together at the top of the pack. With two stages left on the last day, the scores showed I had to win both stages in order to win the match. The incredible support from Brownells, Infinity Firearms, Starline Brass and Vertx has given me the chance to train harder than ever before. I won both stages, and it resulted in victory.”


For Bernskoetter, the win was hard-won, as he battled from behind on the final day to overtake a host of fellow 3GN Pros, including his teammate Andersen. Of the top 10 finishers, eight are currently touring competitors on the FNH USA 3-Gun Nation Pro Series, Presented by Federal Premium.

“We traded punches all weekend,” Andersen said. “Rustin literally won the last two stages to slide past me. I was pushing so hard at one point I fell at top speed and nearly broke my leg. I look like I’ve been in a motorcycle accident!”

New 3GN Pro Lance Dingler finished third, followed by MGM Target’s Travis Gibson and new 3GN Pro BJ Norris. Ty Gentry was sixth, followed by West Chandler, Bruce Piatt, James Gill and Justin Morris.

FNH USA’s Erik Lund edged out SureFire’s Barry Dueck 1105.01 to 1093.03 to take the Heavy Metal Optics division. Lund won the same division at Superstition in 2012, while Dueck was the 2011 3GN Heavy Metal Optics Division Champion. FMG Publications’ Scott McGregor finished third, followed by Trapr Swonson and Dan Nickel.

In Tactical Iron, Sheldon Blackwell topped the field. Noveske’s James Casanova finished second, followed by Alan Elam, Shane Guinther and Todd Kovach.

SureFire’s Michael Voigt bested Jerry Miculek in Open. James Darst finished third, followed by Craig Calkins.

In specialty categories, DSG’s Kuan Watson took the honors in Vietnam Heavy, while Randall Smith topped Vietman Light.

Image and video courtesy 3 Gun Nation

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