Turkey hunters are sometimes met with an unwelcome surprise when their calls lure in a stray coyote, or a bobcat like one hunter in Kentucky last week. Now, New Jersey is allowing hunters to harvest coyotes brought in this way with proposed hunting changes for 2013-2014. According to Mycentraljersey.com, a hearing on Tuesday discussed these changes as well as expanding otter trapping and the calibers allowed to hunt small game.

Coyotes brought in by turkey calls can be quite frequent, depending on region. Especially with increasing coyote populations, some hunters may find that a little extra caution is warranted. Last May a turkey hunter in Maine encountered a coyote which jumped on top of him, a technique used by the predator to catch birds. The coyote bit through four layers of clothing and into the hunter’s arm before sprinting away.

Although the bite was somewhat painful, the regimen of rabies vaccinations was noticeably worse. The Sun Journal reports that the hunter, Bill Robinson, received two weeks of precautionary injections to both his arms.

Coyotes also have a habit of attacking turkey decoys. Decoys are useful in distracting coyotes, but as always experts advise being aware of your surroundings and to eliminate blind spots if possible.

Image from Christopher Bruno on the Wikimedia Commons

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