Whale sharks are the largest fish species still in existence and can devour entire schools of fish daily. Despite a playful side, these gigantic fish can be a menace to commercial fishermen. The whale shark is a filter feeder and its diet often involves krill and other small marine life. However, it will not turn away an easy meal if one is offered. The bulging nets of fishing vessels offer a variety of tasty treats, which the whale shark latches onto and sucks through the net. The creature’s cavernous mouth can create strong vacuums to tear a hole straight through even the most robust netting.

The video below was taken by photographer Michael Aw in Indonesia. According to the Daily Mail, the crew of the ship attempted to distract the whale shark by tossing bait into the water. The animal was not so easily lured away and continued feasting on the larger source of food.


Image screenshot of video by GLF926 on YouTube

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