Hunter and outdoors writer Wes Johnson was hunkered down in a patch of weeds during an youth hunt, waiting patiently for turkey in the Missouri Ozarks. Clad in camo and attempting to imitate a plant to the best of his ability, Johnson heard the sound of movement behind him. Whatever it was, it sounded large. The young hunter and guide next to him instantly went stiff and their eyes widened. Johnson imagined a large flock of turkeys slowly encroaching on their hiding spot and prepared his camera to capture the shot.

However, these were no big toms. Instead, a slow-moving herd of cows wander into view and begins to examine the hunters’ decoys. Less than 10 feet away from Johnson, the cattle proceed to lick and chew the plastic objects. As the hunting party watched, the curious animals treated the decoys as playthings and began rolling them further into the field.

After sharing a few surprised looks the hunters admitted defeat and left without any turkeys. Although all manner of wildlife are attracted to decoys–especially with the employment of a turkey call–outdoorsmen do not often draw cattle. Predators such as coyotes and bobcats on the other hand, are a different story.

Image from John Haslam (foxypar4) on the flickr Creative Commons

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