Arcangelo Bianco, Jr., 40, appeared at a preliminary hearing on Wednesday for a deer shooting incident that happened last November in Pennsylvania. Bianco had arrived at a local Walmart store during a crowded shopping day when he spotted a 10-point buck in the parking lot. Retrieving a handgun from his truck, he began chasing the deer while firing shots after it. Bianco later retrieved the carcass and gave it to a meat processor, where it was confiscated by authorities.

According to WTAE, a Walmart employee testified at the hearing and offered additional details. The employee said that Bianco ran from his truck and began pursuing a large deer with gun drawn. Five shots were fired before the buck collapsed in a woman’s backyard across the street from Walmart.

Wildlife Conservation Officer Jack Lucas testified in court that Bianco violated a law that prohibits hunters from firing 150 feet from a building or road.

“It’s obvious. When you’re in a Walmart parking lot, it speaks for itself,” Lucas said.

Bianco is facing multiple charges including reckless endangerment. He does not have a hunting license.

Coming from the courthouse Bianco told reporters that “the truth will come out,” and declined to comment further. His attorney, Jason Huska, said that Bianco shot the deer because it was injured and he pursued it to protect Walmart customers. Huska also added that Biano acted in a “safe manner.”

While the meat from the animal has been recovered, officials are still looking for the buck’s rack.

“Based off the size of the antlers itself we would consider it a trophy class on a Boone and Crockett [Club] scale,” Lucas said, having previously commented that the buck was one of the nicest he had seen in recent years.

Bianco is currently awaiting arraignment. A short interview with Huska and Lucas can be seen below:


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4 thoughts on “Walmart Deer Shooting Suspect Claims He Behaved in “Safe Manner”

  1. what a retard ! He should never be able to get his hunting license every! for being that dumb. hes not a sportsman at all.

  2. This guy’s an idiot. Way to give the hunting world a black eye. He ought to do some jail time and lose his hunting rights.

  3. While his actions were stupid I ask myself, “What was an old buck like that doing in a Walmart parking lot”? It may have been injured as he said and if you’re a hunter you know the damage they can do. I would have had my firearm and called the Police while I watched/protected others until they arrived.

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