A new bill, H.R. 1474, was introduced to the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee on April 10 which would ban plastic firearms and magazines. This includes both those that you could make at home with a 3D printer and those made by big name companies such as Magpul and Ruger.

Magpul, which specializes in polymer firearms accessories, could be put out of business if this bill were to pass as it would make the majority of their products illegal.

The introduction of this bill can be seen as a reaction to the recent development of 3D-printed guns and magazines, as the bill states 3D printing as a reason for the bill in section 2, paragraph 3. The bill expresses concerns that 3D printing is advancing so quickly that anyone will soon be able to print firearms at-will.

This bill can also be seen to be an attempt to make AR-15s less accessible, as polymer magazines such as Magpul’s PMAG are a popular choice and would become illegal under this bill.

H.R. 1474 works by expanding the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 to include firearm receivers and magazines.


The bill states that a receiver will be banned if it is not as easily detectable by security scans as the fabricated “standard” for receivers. The standard proposed would be a 3.7-ounce piece of stainless steel modeled after the shape of a lower receiver for a rifle or handgun, depending on the weapon in question.

This would cause receivers such as New Frontier’s LW-15 to enter into an area of suspect legality, and make 3D-printed guns outright illegal.


Concerning magazines, H.R. 1474 stipulates that a magazine is illegal if the magazine is not as easily detected by security scans as a “standard” for magazine legality, the same as for the receivers. The proposed standard would be a one-ounce piece of stainless steel modeled after the magazine in question.

This would make 3D-printed magazines such as the one listed on Defense Distributed illegal, as well as retail magazines such as Ruger’s polymer gunscout rifle magazine.

The full text for H.R. 1474 can be found here.

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23 thoughts on “New Bill Would Make Plastic Guns and Magazines Illegal

  1. Polymer magazines are already completely identifiable as a magazine under airport X-Ray scanners. There’s a huge SS spring inside, and the polymer itself shows up on X-Rays. Way to waste paper, time, and a salary paid by taxpayer dollars for more nonsense. The sponsor(s) of this bill should fire themselves to help trim the budget.

  2. This is just another attempt to prey on the ignorant by calling them “plastic guns”. In my recent travels, I left a multivitamin in my pocket and the machine picked it up. I even saw the readout that pinpointed my right pocket. If a multivitamin can be picked up, anything can. Nice try there ultra-libs. This will be another failure to send you back to the drawing board.

  3. Hi Magpul… this is the government calling.

    We appreciate the jobs you’ve created, however now that you’ve advised you will be moving, you may as well just shut your doors because your services have just been legislated away.

  4. Oh my. These crazy guns are out of control!!! CLAMP CLAMP CLAMP. SQUASH SQUASH SQUASH. Must….control…..the…..people….

  5. MAgs would still be visible, as the springs are metal, No change, Embed a hunk of steel into the stock & tell the fed to screw themselves…

  6. Keep pushing, .gov. You’re going to get a taste of that ‘regime change’ you practice in other countries. The boiling frog isn’t far from jumping out of the pot and stomping you.

      1. We got the first constitution through violence. Guns and swords, not words, are what freed us from the British.

        Thus far voting seems rather useless, when dead people are allowed to vote — Multiple times, so long as they’re democrat.

      2. So, basically, you don’t believe in democracy but, for some strange reason, still care about a constitution that is all about creating a democracy. Got it.
        (Hope the FBI are watching you.)

      3. Who doesn’t believe in democracy? We’re democratic, but also a constitutional republic. We are not ruled by the whims of a 51/49% majority. The system is intended to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. You — Like all the other Obamabots — don’t get it — AT ALL.

        (Hope you get rectal cancer)

      4. Apparently you don’t believe in democracy, if you think that the option of rising up against the elected government if they pass laws you don’t approve of is a valid one.

        Additionally, I’m registered as an independent.

        Hope you have a nice day!

      5. You really don’t have any sort of interest in the framing speech and notions of the founding fathers, in the slightest. They were quite adamant that our democratic constitutional republic be maintained by a balance of (fire) power betwixt the people and the government. I’m rather certain that they would have started killing long ago, and we have failed; They tarred and killed politicians over a simple tax on a breakfast beverage — One that wasn’t even coffee.

      6. Also — I’m posting under my real name, connected to a very open facebook. I’ve got nothing to hide from the FBI or anyone for that matter. I operate very differently than some imbecile with a fake name and ridiculous cat photo for an avatar.

      7. I realize that is your real name because I checked out your Facebook page to verify that you’re as much a wacko as I suspected.

        Also, the fact that you think this awesome panda/kitty photo is ridiculous proves to the whole world that you, my non-friend, are wacko.

      8. I’m just writing you off as a nincompoop that doesn’t understand the subject matter. Here’s to hoping those FBI’s stop and see me sooner rather than later; I thoroughly enjoy wasting taxpayer money on trivial non-conversations.

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