A group of eagles is called a convocation, and this group is happily chowing down on some free fish that a generous soul left out. Unfortunately, the free meal is taking place in a Safeway parking lot in Unalaska, Alaska. According to KUCB, the incident happened last week when a truck owner left garbage bags filled with fish in the bed of his pickup. The bags were en route to disposal when the eagles caught the scent and descended upon the parking lot.

The truck owner and unfortunate bystanders who parked nearby were unable to enter their vehicles until law enforcement arrived. Using sirens and car alarms, the drivers were able to enter their vehicles and drive off. No shoppers or eagles were hurt in the event, although the local car washes might have an unusual challenge ahead of them.

The driver of the pickup was not cited for leaving trash out, although they were warned to be more careful in the future. In the end, the eagles helped to dispose most of fish, even if their buffet drove off mid-meal.


Image screenshot of video by Ch8TV on YouTube

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