Rock musician Ted Nugent arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week to play a concert with other familiar names like REO Speedwagon and Styx. However, before he took the stage Nugent made a small detour to nearby Exodus Place. Exodus is a housing facility for men trying to rebuild their lives after homelessness or prison. Many of the facility’s residents are veterans of U.S military. In February Exodus set up an improvised archery range with aid from the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), giving its residents the chance to learn and enjoy bow shooting as they work to find jobs and renew relationships with their families.

“These men finally have a target in life,” said Exodus pastor Ray Townsend. “They can focus on one thing, that bullseye. It’s been amazing the change it’s made in their lives.”

An avid bowhunter himself, Nugent rarely passes up an opportunity to display his talents. reports that Nugent dropped by the facility during archery practice and was able to give some pointers to the new students.

“I’m 64-and-a-half years old and this is how I get high,” Nugent said.

Of course, he brought his own bow.

“You might want to try what’s called the Apache Draw,” Nugent said to the archers. “You put all three fingers under (the arrow) and instead of holding the bow straight up and down you kind of cant the bow at an angle and it opens up the picture a little. It’s what Fred Bear taught me in 1953, I swear to God. It’s the same thing he taught me. I was five.”

Over 50 men and staff attended the bow practice and it made a great impact on the crowd.

“I’m kind of a rookie and Ted came up and gave me some pointers and his pointers worked, of course,” said Exodus resident Doug Largent. “He gave me a lot of attention and I really appreciated that.”

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One thought on “Ted Nugent Finds Time to Give Bowshooting Pointers Before Concert

  1. Ted Nugent is a patriot and talks the talk and walks the walk. I have never seen or heard of him lying or changing his morals or way of thinking. This is saying a lot more for the man than the Washington D.C. group, who lie on demand!

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