TrackingPoint, Inc. is stirring up quite the buzz over its “Precision Guided Firearm” (PGF) systems, especially with a recent announcement of a partnership with venerable gun maker Remington in the “Venture X” project. In a nutshell, PGF optics will allow shooters to tag a target, track it, and make first-round hits with the technology adjusting for factors such as bullet drop, wind, and other environmental variables that could affect a shooter’s aim.

“You don’t have to be an experienced shooter,” says TrackingPoint President Jason Strauble. “You don’t have to be someone who’s put thousands of rounds downrange. You can come and pick this up and within minutes master the tag, track, and exact technology that allow you to get on target.”

Like military aircraft, the PGF system provides shooters with a shooting solution for the intended target, and when the depressing the guided trigger, the firearm will fire when it is optimally aligned with the tagged item. This “lock-and-launch” technology is ruffling some feathers among more traditional shooters, but others are optimistic that the system will allow for more ethical, well-placed shots.

On paper it is an astounding achievement but TrackingPoint means for their product to hit the field, especially paired with .338 Lapua magnum or .300 Winchester in the pursuit of game. Earlier this year the company released a video geared for safari hunters boasting on-target shots at incredible ranges. Although available, PGF systems can be difficult to obtain. How does it actually fare in action? Better yet, how does it handle while rocking on a helicopter pursuing wild hogs?

TrackingPoint puts their word to the test in the video below.

Image screenshot of video by trackingpoint on YouTube

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11 thoughts on “TrackingPoint Tests New “Smart” Optics on Hogs from Helicopter

  1. not for me. I don’t see the “hunting” in shooting animals at ridiculous ranges. the whole idea of hunting is to get close to your quarry. else it becomes game shooting. maybe this is good for those that focus on the kill more than the hunt.

  2. I think its great for our military personnel and law enforcement snipers. But, as far as I’m concerned it takes away from the real hunting experience. The object is to get as close to your game as possible so you can make a good, clean kill shot. And in my opinion, it seems to me like its taking the fun, challenge and the sportsmanship out of the hunt. After all it is called “hunting” not “shooting”… and yes there will be times that you may miss a shot, but that’s real hunting. Let’s leave the sportsmanship in it.This country has been doing it that way for hundreds of years and iI think we shoushould keep it that way…

  3. Not experimental, I looked at one in their website a few months ago. It’s not just the scope, it’s a whole new rifle and it runs about 25k give or take a bit for caliber

  4. It’s way too expensive to even think about using it for hunting. Unless your just an elitist that has to have the best of everything. Great sniper gun though!

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