French Rider Francois Gissy used a hydrogen peroxide powered rocket-bike Sunday to set a new world speed record of 163.4mph. Hydrogen peroxide is the same ingredient used to bleach hair.

Gissy’s speed of 163.4 mph was a record in the motor-paced division, in which the rider follows behind a vehicle to utilize its slip-stream to lower wind resistance.

In the video below, you can see Gissy hurtling down the runway and past the pace car, clinging to the bike for dear life.

The record setting run was performed on an abandoned military base in Mulhouse, France, and topped the previous record of 150.4 mph set in 2002. Gissy fell short of the flat-surface record of 167 mph set in 1995 by Fred Rompelberg. Rompelberg achieved his time being towed by a dragster, however, rather than with a hair-dye powered rocket.

The bike and rocket used by Gissy were designed by the Swiss company Exotic Thermo Engineering.

Image and video from ALLOGENIQUE

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