Breaking more than just a record, Mike Higgins’ 180-foot jump at Silver Lake Sand Dunes left his truck bent in half as well.

Higgins was attending an off-road vehicle meet at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan when he decided to launch his ford truck off of Test Hill. As soon as he left the ground however, he knew something was wrong as the rear of the truck began to dip rapidly.

Air got underneath the truck as it flew forwards and lifted the front end until the truck is nearly vertical. As the truck falls to the ground Higgin’s tailgate is the first point of contact, and the resistance slams the rest of the truck violently into the ground. The frame buckles and bends in half under the force of impact as seen in the video below:

Despite mangling his truck Higgins was able to walk away from the wreck unscathed. The massive damage to his vehicle is not about to stop Higgins however, as he tells viewers at the end of the video to “stay tuned for more.”

Image and video from DuneTV1

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