Zeb Pomerenke once again took the Custom Defensive Pistol division title at the Lone Star State’s premier IDPA competition, the Comp-Tac Republic of Texas Championship, held this Memorial Day weekend at the ImpactZone Range in Hempstead.

Pomerenke, who won the state title in 2012, took top division honors on three of the 10 stages in this year’s match on his way to claiming the title with a final time of 190.18 seconds and 32 points down. Pomerenke placed eighth overall in the competition. The Master class shooter outpaced his nearest competitor, Steve Jolly, by 22.81 seconds.

“Zeb shot a strong match and with his repeat performance as the Lone Star State’s CDP champ he’s quickly moving up the ranks within the sport,” said Joyce Wilson, executive director of IDPA.

Steve Jolly finished as the first Master with a time of 212.99 and 29 points down. Third overall in the division went to Mark Thompson who won first Expert, winning one stage and finishing with 217.63 (47). Dale Rychlik placed fourth in the division and second Master with one stage win and 220.32 (40), while Johnathon Miller took fifth and second Expert with his time of 222.77 (30).

Elsewhere in the division, Jim Bone claimed first Sharpshooter with 237.97 (60), Andre Toennis took first Marksman with 271.34 (46) and Gleen Baker, a Novice class competitor, finished with 528.76 with 78 points down.

Complete, searchable match results can be found online at IDPA.com.

Sanctioned by the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) the Republic of Texas Championship drew over 200 top shooters from throughout Texas and across the United States.

The match received strong industry support with sponsorship from ACADEMI, Armadillo Concealment, Brian Enos, Competitive Concealment, CrossBreed Holsters, Cypress Firearms, Dillon Precision, Don’s Guide Rods, GLC Shooting Academy, GlockTriggers.com, Grip Reductions, Hi-Viz Shooting Systems, Starline Brass, Target Acquired, and title sponsor Comp-Tac Victory Gear.

Image courtesy International Defensive Pistol Association

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