California holds some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, and with recent legislation passed in states such as Colorado, New York, Maryland, and Connecticut, the Golden State is looking to tighten its own restrictions. The state senate passed on Wednesday a package of seven new gun control bills, including one that would prohibit the purchase, sale, and manufacture of semiautomatic rifles that uses detachable magazines.

The seven bills are:

  • SB 47: An amendment to the state’s current “assault weapons” law to ban the popular “bullet button” device. Bullet buttons are used on firearms to change magazines and are activated by a small tool or the tip of a bullet, hence its name. The device has been criticized by opponents, who call it a loophole in current state laws concerning magazine releases.
  • SB 53: Require background checks on ammunition purchases.
  • SB 374: A ban on rifles that can accept detachable magazines.
  • SB 396: A ban on magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.
  • SB 567: Changes to the description of certain types of shotguns that would redefine them as assault weapons.
  • SB 683: Require gun buyers to undergo a firearm safety course.
  • SB 755: Additions to the number of criminal offenses that would prohibit gun ownership, including drug and alcohol abuse, harassment, and violating restraining orders.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) specifically stated that the new bills were a response to several recent tragedies in the past year, including the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that took the lives of 20 children and six adults.

Since the shooting occurred last December, the nation has been embroiled in debate over gun control. A large-scale campaign by President Obama and other Democrats led to the introduction of many gun control measures on federal and state levels. While the majority of the federal gun legislation failed, gun control proponents were able to score victories in key states. Colorado legislators surprised many when the gun-friendly state passed into law a package of strict gun control laws, prompting gun accessory manufacturers like Magpul to leave. Unlike Colorado, California has a long-standing reputation for tough gun control. Reuters reports that the timing of California’s recent gun bills are in response to the failures on a national level.

“The action is with the states,” said Steinberg. “In the absence of national policy, we feel that we have the responsibility to do something.”

Not all the state’s lawmakers feel the same way, and neither is the support for the bills strictly by party lines. On Wednesday the measures were largely opposed by Senate Republicans, but also several Democrats.

“Implied in [the right to own guns] is the right to buy the ammo to go with it,” said Senator Roderick Wright (D-Inglewood) after he voted against SB 53, which would require ammo buyers to pay a $50 fee to the Department of Justice along with undergoing a background check.

“We are criminalizing legal, historic behavior in the state of California and putting onerous burdens and regulations and requirements on law-abiding citizens,” said Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber).

The bills are now headed to the Democrat-controlled Assembly for consideration.

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13 thoughts on “California Senate Approves Restrictive Gun Control Package

  1. I wonder why CA doesn’t pass restrictions on the violence they produce in their state via games and movies that influence the sick minds of the individuals that perpetrate the type of crimes they are attempting to circumvent? Nothing in their bills about mental illness, nothing in their bills about social and moral decay (which they lead the nation in). The lawmakers of CA are a joke. The honest citizens of CA should leave – the place is a lost cause. I hate even doing business with the state, because in my heart it makes me feel like I’m supporting a belief system that I find reprehensible and despicable.

  2. Well it appears that California has successfully gotten rid of the lawful gun owners in favor of the gangs. Smart move senate. I had been talking with a friend of mine who lives in the state and I was planning a move there into northern part of the state. I believe now I will keep my business here in Utah where at least I won’t be robbed by the people that pay the laws no mind. .

  3. I would like to ask them whey (since they have some of the toughest gun laws in the country) why they have the highest crime rate WITH GUNS in the country? Could it be that there are already laws that prohibit murder, assault, discharging a firearm, etc…that people don’t listen to? Oh, but NOW!….NOW! since we have a NEW law…THAT will stop all this!! RIIIIGHT! Idiots, you are all idiots. Not ONE of these new laws would have prevented the CN school shooting. NOt one! Read em. Look at all of them one by one. NONE apply. Just another way to control the sheeple.

  4. Who voted for these idiots!? The Liberal Democrats have no ability for abstract thought. Cause and effect people! California has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation with the highest gun violence of all states. Sure, the law abiding citizens will follow this new law as they have with all in the past.

    What the lawmakers don’t get is that they are promoting more illegal gun crime. They are promoting a more lucrative black market for illegal guns and ammo. Hey you Genius law makers, remember the Prohibition? The Eighteenth Amendment?

    Thirteen years of a law that did nothing to control alcohol consumption but laid the foundation for organized crime to flourish. Now we have an established organized crime subculture in America thanks to past idiot lawmakers.

    We are supposed to learn from history. Did these Liberals skip history in school? Why are they bent on repeating the mistakes of the past??????

    Mark my words. If these new laws pass the gun crime in California will accelerate well past the number status it already has. God help us. Delivers us from these idiots!

  5. Biggest Hypocrisy of it is CA lawmakers exempt themselves from all these pointless gun laws when the heat of the street comes close, where as rest of the people are just sitting ducks for gangs and criminals to pillage and plunder.

  6. More gun laws equals less safety. It is already against the law in every state for convicted felons to possess firearms.

    I have a good friend who is a patrol officer in Orange County CA and a son who is a LAPD patrol officer. They both tell me that it is a safe bet that 9 out of 10 ex-cons they stop will be packing “heat.” How is that law working?

    These new laws will restrict the rights of law abiding citizens for owning firearms. (The people who you want to have them) and will have no effect of the people you don’t want to have firearms. (Criminals & crazies)

    Abstract thought; the ability to understand what the consequences your actions today will have in the future. Liberal Dems just don’t seem to have that ability.

  7. I live in CA and the legislature is basically filled with a bunch of out-of-touch fat cat career politicians. Most of these people would never be able to hold a real job. I am a minority in this state and my voice is rarely heard. I have been looking at moving out of state once I can secure a business opportunity.

  8. keep us defenseless when criminals are showing less fear, keep us with government assistance with no thoughts in making us independent, keep taking the little money earned from law abiding citizens and keep giving it to the easily qualified (many drug using with our money) again with no thoughts to strengthen society but crank up to a state of desperation…for what? To be reliant on an administration that shows no reality based solutions, just impulsive, grandiose decisions that do not benefit us.

  9. If your a freedom loving law abiding citizen, leave California and let the liberals clean up the mess they create by adopting gun measures designed to restrict law abiding citizens. Did you see any gun legislation that was directed to criminals? No you did not…punish the criminal….and you will be spending so much time on it…you will not have time to worry about law abiding citizens rights!!! Leave now, while you still have your dignity!!

  10. More legislative insanity. Sure, tighten down the screws more and more and more ONLY ON THE ALREADY LAWFUL. Understand this. New gun control laws only effect people who have been behaving lawfully already. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON SUCH PEOPLE presently legally own and WILL STILL BE able to purchase and possess firearms and ammunition. The CRIMINAL ACTORS ALREADY by law are not allowed to possess, purchase or own even a single bullet, let alone an actual firearm. So, somebody please tell me, EXACTLY WHO is impacted by new gun control laws? The criminals or the already lawful? I need to know.

  11. Pass new laws in the wake of Newtown shootings. 1 adam murdered his mother-dont believe the news reports.I am sure he made her open the safe then murdered her. He could have killed a cop for his Ar-15. 2 He entered a gun free zone with a gun. 3 He used a 30 round mag already illegal in his state. 4 he shot 26 people 5 He shot himself. At east 5 crimes. I am sure a few more laws will make the next shooter obey. Libtards will not even talk about a good guy with a gun being there and a better outcome. Other countries had this problem before our first mass shooting,it ended,all school staff issued firearms and trained by the government.= No more shootings.Criminals go after defenseless or easy prey only.

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