It’s great to see young anglers with confidence, but this six-year-old is already talking like a saltwater veteran. In fact, this pint-sized pro even manages to give the other anglers on the boat a play-by-play as he reels the large fish in, as well as spouting some sage advice on how to properly handle a tarpon.

Without further fanfare, we present the Tarpon Kid:

According to the video, he used the following gear:

  • Bait: Mullet
  • Hook: 7/0 Eagle Claw circle hook
  • Leader: 60lb Fluorocarbon
  • Reel: Quantum Cabo 60
  • Line: 50lb Seaguar braid
  • Rod: 7ft Quantum Blu PT 12-25lb

Image screenshot of video by BlacktipH on YouTube

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