It seems sharks have seen their fair share of media coverage lately for stealing hooked fish. Last month, anglers managed to wrestle away a 550-pound swordfish from a hungry mako shark, which still swam away with a choice piece for dinner. Now, a video taken last month shows two bull sharks snagging an angler’s prize tarpon. While bull sharks usually hunt alone, they can occasionally pair up in shallower waters. Bull sharks are also noted to be very aggressive and one of the shark species most likely to attack humans. Perhaps their territorial nature compelled them to chase the hooked tarpon, or more likely, they were hungry and noticed a slow fish acting funny.

Whatever the case was, these two sharks saw an easy dinner and was not about to let it get away.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Two Sharks Steal Angler’s Prize Tarpon

    1. and I live in Tampa where it happens all the time and real sportsmen cut the line as soon as the even smell a shark

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