Gold Tip Pro, Levi Morgan, picked up his third ASA win of the year with a decisive victory at the London, KY ASA event held May 31-June 2. Morgan was tied after the first day’s round, with a score of 220. He pulled away from the pack on day two with a score of 216, and found himself with a 10-point lead going into the final shoot off. After six shoot-off targets, Morgan hung on to solidify the win with a Pro Total of 494. Morgan was shooting Gold Tip’s Ultralight 30X shafts and Bee Stinger stabilizer system. Pro Division contestants shoot two rounds of twenty targets from unmarked distances that vary in distance up to 50 yards. The five highest scores from the first two rounds qualify for the shoot-off to decide the winner.

“I like to say that through prayer and preparation, we’ll succeed,” said current ASA World Champion, Levi Morgan. “And that’s exactly what it took. I felt prepared, mentally and physically, going into London and the hard work paid off with a win.”

Morgan wasn’t alone in the final shoot-off, with fellow Gold Tip Pro Staffers Garrett Ayersman and Tim Gillingham both shooting their way to the top.  Gillingham was in third place, with a 425, and Ayersman in the fourth slot with a 423 total, after the second round.  Five targets into the final shoot-off, Gillingham was five points back from Morgan, holding on to second place, with Ayersman tied for third. The sixth and final arrow was the deciding factor that landed Gillingham in fourth place with a Pro Total of 486 and Ayersman pushing up to third place with a Pro Total of 487. Gillingham was shooting Gold Tip Triple X Pro Series shafts and Bee Stinger stabilizer systems; Ayersman was shooting Gold Tip Ultralight Pro X-cutters and a Bee Stinger stabilizer system.

The Senior Men’s Pro Division continues to be dominated by Gold Tip Pro Staffers, with Allan Conners walking away with the win, shooting Gold Tip Ultralight Pro X-cutters. Conners lead after the first round and continued to anchor his lead through round two. Four of the five Senior Pro finalists were Gold Tip shooters, including Bill Sennick and rookie senior, Ray Hickman, who ended up second and third, respectively.

“It’s tough to argue against Gold Tip’s toughness and accuracy across the board, “ said Mitch McKay, Gold Tip Sales Director. “When we see nearly all Gold Tip target arrow models represented on the podium, at multiple levels throughout the event, you know you’re doing something right.”

Image courtesy Bast-Durbin Advertising

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