For some shooting enthusiasts, no sound relays respect and admiration like the sound of gunfire—unless it’s a Father’s voice. You could make your Dad very happy this Father’s Day by taking him shooting at a gun range. There he can practice with his firearm—and spend quality time with you and other family members. And you can definitely make that practice session more exciting—and beneficial—with a Crimson Trace laser sight installed on Dad’s favorite handgun or long gun.

While there are many makes and models of handguns and firearms that Dad could own and use at the range on this occasion, there are nearly 150 Crimson Trace products designed to fit hundreds of firearm models. Dad will also have to decide whether he wants a green or red Crimson Trace laser sight? Then does he possibly want that laser placed on a Picatinny rail, secured over the trigger guard, or installed as a replacement grip? Dad will also need to decide if he wants his Crimson Trace laser sight  pre-installed by the firearm manufacturer (available from Kimber, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, and others on some models) or does he want to install the laser sights himself? If dad owns a popular 1911 handgun or a Glock, there are numerous laser sight models for those popular handguns. If Dad—or you—can’t decide, may we simply suggest a Crimson Trace gift certificate available at .

Crimson Trace products offer dads across America several advantages. Most models are instantly activated when the firearm is gripped—via Instinctive Activation™. Other models are easily activated with a simple and easy push of a pad or button. Using a laser sighting system on a firearm will also help the shooter (Dad) easily determine any problems with gun control and operation—and help work to correct those problems. Seeing a laser downrange also adds to the excitement of the shooting session. With prices ranging from $150 to $399, the price tags will also fit the wallets of many dads—or those of the gift buyer.

Your Dad could be the important person who introduced you to shooting and firearms. Taking him to the range on this Father’s Day could be a great way to return the favor—or pass it back! Dad can also rest easy in knowing that his Crimson Trace laser sight is made in the USA, and all products are backed by 24/7 customer service.  Many Crimson Trace laser products also include free batteries for life after the user registers the product.

For more product details, visit or call 800-442-2406. To find a range or place to shoot, visit:

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