This week on Gun Girl Radio, Randi Rogers and Julie Golob get together to record tips for summer shooting. The ladies share their favorite ways for staying hydrated whether just on the range or while traveling. They then move through some symptoms and treatment of heat sicknesses, as well as locating where medical help is when first arriving at the range vs. waiting until you need it. These are great tips to keep in mind for yourself or in case you see others suffering while out enjoying the day.

Next Randi and Julie discuss their favorite hot weather snacks or convenience foods, as well as what types of things to avoid. There is a brief discussion on range food and other options for avoiding it if you want. Listeners are reminded of the importance of breakfast and told what both Randi and Julie have as favorite match breakfasts and what they usually like to eat or avoid.

The discussion then moves to dealing with heat at the range itself. They discuss staying in the shade whenever possible and bringing your own chair/stool so that you have a place to sit if need be. Traveling with a cooler pros and cons are gone through. The ladies discuss the effects heat has on ammo how it directly influences your performance with it. They finish up the discussion with what to put in your shooting bag during the summer and tips for training or going to competitions in the heat. Email your own questions to Listen to the entire episode at or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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