The High Road with Keith Warren is proud to announce a new partnership with Grave Digger Broadheads for the 2013 season. The Grave Digger line of broadheads offers a unique fixed-and-mechanical blade design that delivers the large cutting diameter bowhunters want in a broadhead combined with a “Never Fail” design.

“Grave Digger broadheads is a great example of innovative technology that really delivers in the field, and I’m very happy to welcome them as a sponsor to The High Road,” says Keith Warren, award-winning host and producer of The High Road. “I have been bowhunting for more than 40 years and I’m impressed with these broadheads. Having a combination of both mechanical and fixed blades, these broadheads have the best of both worlds, giving me the field tip accuracy I want and the stopping power I need.”

Designed and manufactured by No Limit Archery, Grave Digger broadheads feature two distinct blade configurations which combine the reliability and penetration of fixed blades with the accuracy and larger cutting diameters of mechanical blades. As part of the innovative design, the Grave Digger broadhead combines a cross opening curved-blade and a one-inch 420 Stainless Steel cut-on-contact, never-fail main blade. With the new Grave Digger broadhead, No Limit Archery is able to give every hunter everything they are looking for in a broadhead. For more information on No Limit Archery and Grave Digger broadheads, visit

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