18 categories include popular guns, ammo and optics; Coverage online and in Game & Fish/Sportsman magazines’ July/August issues

Game & Fish/Sportsman readers have revealed their favorite new deer gear in the brand’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

Results of the voting appear in the current July/August 2013 issue of Game & Fish/Sportsman magazines – now on sale at newsstands across America, and online at Game & Fish Magazine.Com/2013-Readers-Choice-Hunting-Awards.

Trophies for this year’s award winners will be presented at the 2014 SHOT show in Las Vegas.

“Our readers are hardcore hunters,” said Peter Gross, Game & Fish/Sportsman publisher. “That’s why we’re extremely interested in their opinions about what works in the field.” Nearly half of the participants who gave their opinion hunted more than 25 days last season, and more than half consider themselves advanced or expert deer hunters.

“With this deep level of expertise, we were very interested to see the results,” noted Gross, “and it was fascinating to see why they choose what they did.” This annual survey also solicits personal opinions from those surveyed, adding a deep level of insight from the country’s most avid hunters.

Opinions were sought from both magazine readers and gameandfishmag.com site visitors. Participation in this year’s Readers’ Choice survey jumped 66.3 percent over previously fielded questionnaires.

Game & Fish/Sportsman asked manufacturers to submit new-gear nominees in 18 categories, from rifles, shotgun and ammo to binoculars, trail cams and tree stands. Gear must have been introduced in the last three years to be considered “new.” The magazine then queried subscribers and e-newsletter recipients to determine their favorite gear and equipment. Game & Fish/Sportsman magazines, which is ABC audited, has more than 400,000 monthly subscribers.

Winners in each category include:

1. Rifles

Browning X-Bolt Hunter, 18.8%

Remington 50th Anniversary Model 700, 18.7% (statistical tie)

Winchester Model 70 Featherweight, 10.1%

2. Riflescopes

Nikon ProStaff, 51.9%

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD, 17.2%

TruBrite Xtreme Illuminated, 7.2%

3. Centerfire cartridges

Federal Premium Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded Tip, 25.0%

30 Remington AR, 22.5%

Winchester PowerMax Bonded, 21.8%

4. Shotguns

Benelli Super Black Eagle II, 27.3%

Remington 870 Express, 23.5%

Mossberg 500, 11.7%

5. Shotgun slugs

Hornady SST, 38.5%

Remington Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot, 30.2%

Federal Premium Vital-Shok TruBall Rifled Slug, 13.5%

6. Muzzleloaders

Traditions Ultralight, 27.1%

Thompson/Center FireStorm, 21.9%

CVA Accura MR, 21.3%

7. Bows

Mathews Creed, 38.8%

Hoyt Carbon Element G3, 18%

BowTech Insanity CPX, 12.6%

8. Arrows

Carbon Express Maxima, 22.4%

Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak, 20.1%

Easton Carbon Injexion 2, 17.3%

9. Fixed broadheads

Muzzy MX3, 60.3%

NAP Thunderhead, 16%

Readhead BlackOut, 10.3%

10. Mechanical broadheads

Rage X-Treme, 42.7%

G5 T3, 31.7%

NAP Spitfire, 17.3%

11. Crossbows

TenPoint Titan Xtreme, 26.8%

Horton Havoc, 23.6%

Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra, 18.2%

12. Crossbow arrows

Easton FMJ Crossbow, 29.2%

Carbon Express XB Maxima Hunter, 27.6%

Excalibur FireBolt, 17.8%

13. Crossbow broadheads

Excalibur BoltCutters, 22.5%

Parker Broadheads, 21.9%

NAP Spitfire Maxx, 17.8%

14. Binoculars

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 8×36 Camo, 26.7%

Nikon Monarch 7, 22.5%

Nikon Monarch 5, 16.8%

15. Spotting scopes

Bushnell Trophy XLT, 29.1%

Zeiss DiaScope, 28.7%

Nikon EDG VR 85 Fieldscope, 26%

16. Laser range finders

Nikon Archers Choice, 27.6%

Bushnell Scout DX Realtree Xtr, 23.8%

Nikon 1000, 20.4%

17. Tree stands

Rivers Edge Relax, 22.2%

Hunter’s Elite System, 21.4%

Summit Viper SD, 17.3%

18. Trail cams

Moultrie M80, 19.8%

Cuddeback Ambush IR, 18.8%

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD, 13.7%

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