When families visit to pay respects to loved ones at Erie Cemetery, the last thing they expected to see is a deer or coyote. The 75-acre cemetery situated in the middle of Erie, Pennsylvania is well-kept and provides sufficient habitat and space for the two animals, but cemetery officials still want the wildlife gone. The yearling deer has been spotted on cemetery grounds as early as four weeks ago, where it frequently visits the gates separating the cemetery from traffic. According to the Erie Times-News, an adult female coyote has also made her home in the area and has been living there for the past three years.

Officials warn visitors to stay away from the wild animals, who are believed to reside in the cemetery night and day.

Video of the deer can be seen below:

Image screenshot of video on goerie.com

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One thought on “Deer, Coyote Seen Living Together in Cemetery

  1. Its a deer, let it be. As for the coyote, they usually avoid people too! It wont bother anyone, unless you dumb yanks cant stand nature intruding!!!!

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