The RAW Outdoors presents a successful bear hunt on the Alaskan Peninsula in which hunters try their hand at bagging a true monster. According to the video, the bear measures 10 feet and four inches long and was shot at a range of 340 yards.

Brown bears are the most widely distributed of all bears and one of its subspecies, the Kodiak, rivals the polar bear for size. The most famous member of the brown bears is of course the grizzly. Highly adaptable, the grizzly can live across a wide range of environments across in the United States. Their coastal cousins, however, seem to fare the best on a steady diet of spawning salmon and other fatty foods. Coastal brown bears are not unknown to weigh close to 1,500 pounds.

Image screenshot of video by videoswatch2013 on YouTube

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18 thoughts on “Video: Huge Coastal Brown Bear Takes a Tumble

    1. Oh, but raising farm animals in a 5×5 pen all its life, then slaughtering it for steaks and chops; or killing chickens that are raised in a cage no bigger than a shoe box for slaughter, is okay with you????? You anti hunter liberals are real retards. I can’t wait till they bring back the clubbing of baby Harp Seals. You people would die of an aneurism and your kind would finally thin-out, due to self destruction.

  1. Really come you obviously don’t hunt that’s an experience of a lifetime any hunter would die for that I know I would

  2. I do not see the point of killing such a beautiful animal. I am a small game hunter but would never kill a bear unless my life was threatened. And this was more of a sniper shot rather than and hunter shot getting close and giving the bear a chance to escape. Perhaps next time they should use a 105mm howitzer instead of a rifle.

    1. Mark G, you are an idiot!!! So you’re telling me that the “size” of an animal determines if hunting is “okay” with you???? Your thinking is idiotic. Also, these bear hunters were truly “hunting” to the extreme!!! 13-14 days of stalking, climbing, packing, hiking, from sun-up to sun-down in dangerous STEEP terrain…. You??? A little bird hunter that probably only hunts where its flat and you walk out less than 100yds from your pick up truck.

  3. This was Bull Shit what happened to a clean kill?
    Either this man can’t hit the mark or needs to go to the range and resight his scope and practise on a target or change his ammo, before he goes out and torture some poor animal again.
    Also this was nothing more than a trophy hunt, witch i believe needs to be outlawed there are only two reasons to kill, Food and if your life is being threatened, i say you kill it you eat it witch yous did not do.
    What it looked like to me, was a group of A Holes most of them out for the $$$$ the other one (shooter) out for the glory, now you tell me just how Disgusting is that….

  4. While I have no problem with hunting and have killed a couple bears, I am not a fan of taking long shots like this. Animals have to be harvested to protect the populations and the wildlife departments do a great job of controling the hunting. On the other hand, with a trophy this size I may have taken the shot also, however if it was on film it would never have gotten on the internet. Just more fuel for USHS to use.

  5. This is bullcrap. Give this guy a bow and some arrows that’s real hunting. I wish I still had my m16 I would pick this jerk off from 340 yards see how he likes it. This is cowardly and disgusting. There is nothing noble or corageous about this and no I’m not some animal lover simply a retired marine.

  6. DetroitHeat…… That was a “clean” kill. Were you expecting something you see on TV, where the animal drops instantly??? That’s only in Hollywood buddy. Instead of worrying about hunting, you should worry more about your local and state politicians bankrupting your jacked-up city and retirement account!!! Get a life.

  7. I am an avid hunter. I found this video a little hard to swallow. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have taken the shot, if I was in the same position. I would like to know what caliber of rifle he was using, It certainly appears he could’ve used a larger caliber or heavier bullet weight and obviously a lot more practice!!! I certainly wouldn’t be proud of the video and don’t think it wise to put such a poorly executed kill on the internet. The opposition to the 2nd amendment don’t need any more ammo for their cause!!!

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