What:  Determining the depth where fish are located, then keeping the boat at that depth; these are fundamental problems for many fishermen. And many fishermen know that they spend half their fishing time finding their way back to the productive water where they caught that last fish.

Why:  You think you’re sitting still, but your boat is always moving about. Since all the Landmarks are a good distance off, and since all the water in the lake looks the same from the top, you can’t see that you have moved. As a result, many fishermen use a depth sounder to monitor their position on the water.

Today’s depth sounders provide lots of valuable information. But they only provide it when the fisherman is able to focus his attention on the screen.

Fishing boats, and fishing trips, are filled with interruptions. Each and every interruption takes the fisherman’s attention away from his depth sounder screen.

And when the fisherman looks at his screen again, he’s often moved many feet from his target depth. He has to find his way back.

New Depth Sounder Technology:  The Depth Whisperer is the World’s First SPEAKING depth sounder; the precursor of a new generation of depth sounders.

When the fisherman’s attention is diverted, when his eyes and attention must focus on something other than the depth sounder screen, his EARS still provide information to his brain. The result: this constant flow of audible information keeps the fisherman continuously aware of his depth. When he catches a fish, he is already aware of the depth the fish came from; because he has just heard it spoken; and when he hears the boat drifting from his desired depth, he is able to interrupt whatever he’s dealing with to correct the drift and maintain his desired depth. He is able to keep himself where the fish are.

The Depth Whisperer adds voice output to any boat, with any existing depth sounder equipment or none.

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