High-quality fishing and outdoor travel gear company fishpond has implemented recycled nylon into the design of its new products starting this year.

“fishpond this year introduced a new fabric collection, and they have 14 different products. Some of them are just redesigned products but some of them are brand new,” said Kara Armano from Backbone Media. “What they’re doing–instead of using recycled polyester, which is a common recycled fabric used in the outdoor industry–they’re using recycled commercial fishing nets. It’s a really cool story for a fishing company, of course, but what’s also unique about it is it’s recycled nylon instead of polyester, so it’s much more durable.”

For fishing packs, it makes a lot of sense, she said.

“They have everything from hardcore backpacks with exterior frames to dry bags,” Armano said. “All the backpacks are compatible with chest packs, so you can hike in with the chest pack on your back [attached to the backpack], and then when you’re ready to fish, you can turn it around and have the chest pack on the front.”

Although these chest packs are not sold with all of the backpacks, they are compatible for users to customize their purchases.

“It’s super nice, lightweight fabric,” she said. “Really comfortable waist packs to vests. Last year they introduced the Westwater [Series], which is this waterproof TPU-coated fabric with water resistant zippers, and so they expanded on that line a little bit this year with a Roll Top Boat Bag. It’s really durable and has a frame inside it, but you can also remove it.”

Expanding off a duffle bag from last year, fishpond has released a smaller version that is not only great for hauling gear, but it’s carry-on compatible.

All of fishpond’s new products will be available this November.

Image courtesy Backbone Media

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