Japan has a “slight” deer population problem. There are now an estimated 650,000 sika deer across the island nation, and they seem to be causing trouble for cars, trains, and local farmers. On the flip side, at least they are polite. The deer in Nara, Japan have adapted to living with humans and even developed remarkable traits not found elsewhere in the wild. Seemingly, the deer have taken on the manner of bowing, especially if it earns them treats. Check out the video below:

For a more detailed look into the bowing deer of Japan:

While tourists may find the deer amusing, local officials say that the animals are a growing problem. Sika deer were an uncommon sight in Japan 100 years ago, but exploded due to conservation efforts and the removal of their natural predator, the wolf. Now, Japanese hunters are trying to popularize venison as a food source to entice young people to hunt. Some prefectures have also ordered wolf urine to deter the animals from wandering onto train tracks.

Image screenshot of video by Ronin Dave on YouTube

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