Months after the national gun control movement seemingly dissipated with the failure of key bills in the Senate, Vice President Joe Biden announced on Thursday two additional executive actions to curb gun crime. According to a statement from the White House, the new steps aim to halt the import of surplus military weapons previously sold or donated to U.S. allies, as well adjusting the policies surrounding the registration of firearms and related items with a trust or corporation. In an address to reporters on Thursday, Biden called the measures “straightforward” and “common sense.”

“The president is going to do everything we can within our executive authority to try and reduce gun violence in America,” Biden said.

The two executive actions are new additions to a list of 23 steps announced by Obama earlier this year. The push for gun control came shortly after the President’s re-election and only weeks after a deadly mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Several states passed their own restrictive gun control packages in early 2013, but national efforts towards background check reform and a ban on “assault weapons” largely lost impetus in April.

“The president and I have said many times that the best way to reduce gun violence in America is for Congress to act on common sense proposals,” Biden said Thursday. “[…] I want you to know that the president and I remain committed to getting these things done. If Congress won’t act, we’ll fight for a new Congress.”

One of the executive actions target firearms previously provided to American allies. These guns are often highly sought after by collectors, and many have called for their import back into the United States for sale to the American public. The White House reports that since 2005, more than 250,000 of these firearms have been authorized for import. Some of these firearms are decades old, such as the thousands of M1 Garand Rifles and M1 Carbines currently in South Korea. President Obama’s new policy will be to deny requests for the import of previously exported military firearms back into the United States, with exceptions made for museums and governmental entities.

The second executive action will require all individuals associated with trusts or corporations used to register items regulated under the National Firearms Act—often referred to as “NFA trusts”—to undergo background checks. The White House alleged that criminals could gain access to weapons such as machine guns and short-barreled shotguns by registering weapons with a trust or corporation. Previously, no background checks were required to create or “join” an NFA trust. The ATF issued on Thursday a proposed regulation requiring individuals associated with these entities to undergo background checks.

The National Rifle Association, other Second Amendment groups, and gun owners have criticized the new steps towards gun control that will accomplish nothing and simply inconvenience law-abiding shooters and collectors.

Biden’s address can be viewed below:

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31 thoughts on “Vice President Biden Announces Two New Gun Control Actions

  1. I agree with J5 and in addition… as if Congress is the hold up…
    Come on DC, we need to enforce the current laws that we have. Not only that, why would criminals obey any law? Hence the title “criminal”. We have to fix the issue, not a symptom, to see change. Violence is an issue with humanity, not objects. Headlines that read “WWII Vet Beat to Death” and “Man Shot While Running Because Kids were Bored” and “Man Attacks Young Girl in Best Buy Bathroom”. Disgusting. What’s wrong with our youth??? Parents? Peers? Guns aren’t making people kill; there is a HUGE problem growing across America in the minds of our youth that needs to be stopped and fixed. Take responsibility people and stop blaming objects that have no minds.

  2. Because we know how many military surplus weapons are used in actual crime. If any, probably less than one-tenth on one percent. Again, action for the sake of looking like you are doing something. Not addressing the problems of mental health or the lack of enforcement of current laws.

    1. Nothing the dumbocrats are doing is to prevent crime. It is to keep firearms out of “our” hands, not the hands of criminals.

      1. They know WHERE they’re going with the Alinskiite-plan for the NEW-AMERIKA, and WE are just gonna be in their way, though WE are still a majority[if WE’d only wake up in time]….

    1. THEY”RE mostly sheeply-RINO’s on this side except the TEA-PARTY-PATRIOT folks, of whom TED CRUZ is the top dog WE have in the fight for sanity! THANK-GOD!!!

  3. Those sons- of-bitches are going to side step the law and the constitution, because they think they are above the law. We have GOT TO impeach the bastards!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good Lord – all those tens of thousands of dollars spent by Crips and Bloods and Mexican Drug cartels forming shell corporations so they can buy fully automatic weapons legally. All gone. Great work Biden, Obama. Be very interesting to see how big a decline in gun violence occurs in Chicago thanks to this “Executive” order. What a farce this administration has turned into. The Will of the People be damned!

  5. Both of these “ideas” are based on pure ignorance. I would strongly suggest the M-1 Garand is rarely used in crimes (if ever). The theory that collectors items and museum pieces “could be stolen” is also stupid. Would the same theory be that someone could steal machine guns, grenades, nuclear bombs, fighter planes or any other military weapons justify not making them?
    Watching the news today, it seems that Obama could start a very big war. The public is against this but it passed anyway. What is the objective of this President? I believe it is time to impeach him, now. This administration is full of lies and scandals and saying something then attempting to change is to I did not make a red line, and “shotgun Joe with his shooting through the door.
    Who do they think they are fooling?
    I did not say that!

  6. The CMP is exempt, as are museums, so the M1 carbine I bought, I can get my M1 Garand, and ammo from them also. Not so clever are they. Funny, I picked Joe Biden as a drunk the first time I saw him (born in a Pub, spent my life till I was 26 years of age in Pubs) before I heard he was, or is an Alcoholic.
    You all are worried with our not born here President, imagine if he dies with lung cancer (he still smokes) and having “Two blasts from a shotgun Biden as President!”

  7. 1st of all for illegal executive orders to be said to be common sense he would have to possess common sense to know that they were. this in itself is a contradiction will Joe blo me Biden! Since he has none, and no restrictions to our bill of rights makes sense, then anything he says is complete nonsense!!!

  8. Who woke him up, will you folks leave biden alone. He does just fine, saying stupid things about

    once a week. Now we are going to be hearing/seeing him tell lies several times a week.

    1. Stupid is just that, Stupid. Dumb is Dumb and Dumber is just that. No matter how you look at it ,see it or call it as the Famous saying goes. It Is, That It Is What It Is. Pure & Simple. The Bell Presidents/Ding & Dong or should we call them Dumb & Dumber. No matter how you shake it it still comes out the same. If it looks like a Duck and walk likes a Duck then it must be a Duck, A Lame Duck and Then some.


  10. Keep going, Joe!!
    You’re on the right track!

    In spite of your funny gaffs that the repukes live to attack you on, you just might be presidential material!

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