OutdoorHub recently got in touch with one of our contributors, Becky Lou Lacock, after her helicopter crash late last month while filming for Double Lung Outdoors TV. At the time Becky was flying with video producer Jeron Detty and editor Shane Yamamoto in New Mexico when the helicopter encountered unexpected turbulence and subsequently crashed.

In the aftermath, Jeron was able remove himself from the wreckage and assist Becky, Shane, and the helicopter’s pilot in leaving the aircraft. Becky’s hand had been pinned under the helicopter, but Jeron was able to lift the craft so that she could move out of the way. Shane’s injuries were the most critical, having broken several ribs during the crash. In the video you can hear him obviously in pain as Jeron helped to lift him from the wreckage.

Becky suffered injuries to her hand but says she is doing fine. She is currently undergoing treatment for a broken knuckle. Shane broke four ribs in the crash and is also recovering. Jeron received only a mild concussion. The staff here at OutdoorHub wish them a speedy recovery and as always, good hunting in all their endeavors.

UPDATE: Becky Lou will soon be posting her own account of the events on OutdoorHub.

Here is the footage taken of the crash:


Image screenshot of video by videoswatch2013 on YouTube

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