Discovery Channel Filmmaker Faces Aggressive Rhino, Calmly Avoids Death


Standing mere feet from one another, a man and rhino stared each other down in the remote wilderness of Zimbabwe’s Malilangwe Game Reserve. It is a situation that filmmaker Kim Wolhuter never wanted to find himself in, but required all his expertise to come out alive—and it was all caught on video. Wolhuter is a third-generation game warden with experience in South Africa’s mounted infantry regiments. Danger is not new to him, but one misstep against the massive black rhinoceros could have meant the end of his career.

The video of the tense encounter can be seen below:

Wolhuter and cameraman Julz Braatvadts found the rhino while filming for the upcoming Discovery Channel series Man, Cheetah, Wild. Black rhinos have a reputation for being aggressive, sometimes even charging trees or stumps. Black rhinos are critically endangered and have some of the highest mortality rates among mammals due to their predisposition to fighting amongst themselves. These large animals are equipped with a lethal horn, thick skin, and several thousand pounds of brawn.

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