Blue Force Gear Receives Patent for RED swivel


The United States Patent and Trademark Office issues Patent No. 8,516,732 to Blue Force Gear for their RED swivel.  The Rapid Emergency Detachment (RED) swivel offers a replacement option for standard push button sling swivels through the unique knob shaped pull tab design.

When seconds count, a pull-knob emergency release is more reliable to discharge than a tiny, hard to find push button.  For the times when you need your weapon and other combat equipment off seconds ago, you’ll be glad to have this on your gear.

“We realized that under stress the ‘Quick Detach’ push button simply wasn’t,” said Ashley Burnsed, Blue Force Gear’s CEO.  “Sometimes you need to get out of your gear rapidly and we found that a traditional push button style QD didn’t allow an emergency release every time.  The RED swivel does.”

The patented RED swivel releases with a 7lb pull straight out from the socket.  The chance for accidental release is minimized by the knob shape and the fact that a pull more than 10-15 degrees off axis will not release the connection.  If you work with a rifle over or near water, or in other conditions where sling entrapment is a substantial risk, the RED swivel can be a lifesaver.

The RED swivel can also be paired with the Burnsed Socket or push button Universal Wire Loop – both from Blue Force Gear – to make the fastest 2 to 1 point sling on the market.

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