Most denizens of the Windy City are not used to seeing deer on a daily basis, but two wandering bucks recently decided to vacation in Chicago for Halloween. According to NBC5, the deer came into the city’s Gold Coast district on Thursday afternoon and stayed there for several hours. Small crowds came and went as the animals loitered near buildings chewing on the shrubbery.

“I thought it was fake,” Gina Locascio told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I thought they put a statue out […] I’ve lived here for 10 years and I’ve never seen a deer here before.”

Locascio worked as a bartender at the nearby Zebra Lounge, where the animals took shelter beneath some bushes. For hours, trick-or-treaters filed by and gazed wonderingly at the deer, who returned little of the attention. Bystanders said the deer were extraordinarily calm.

Police and animal control officers eventually cordoned off the area and tranquilized the animals. It is not currently known if they will be relocated to the woods.

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