Robin Irvine first learned the art of tomahawk throwing while growing up in mountains north of her current home in Hemet, California. A former competition champion, Irvine nearly had to showcase her skills when a burglar broke into her house while she was sleeping on Saturday. According to NBC4, the burglar entered the house through a window and proceeded to take items from the home. The thief was then bold enough to creep into Irvine’s bedroom and attempt to pry a watch off her wrist, waking her.

“I sat up and screamed,” Irvine said.

Clad in only a T-shirt and underwear, Irvine’s first instinct was to reach for the tomahawk she kept beside her bed. It was one that Irvine had kept for many years, large and clearly well-balanced for throwing.

“He froze at first. I shocked him with my voice and then he took off. There was no way I could’ve caught him but I could’ve thrown it,” Irvine told CBS News.

The woman chased the burglar out of the house but did not end up unleashing her deadly talents.

“I would’ve gotten him right in the spine or the back of his head,” she said. “I hit what I aim for.”

According to CBS News, police later arrested Nicholas Uolla, 22, as a suspect in the robbery. He was found with items belonging to Irvine in his possession, but the tomahawk champion believes he had an accomplice.

An interview with Irvine can be seen below:

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