Live, antler-locked deer are an uncommon sight for hunters, but they frequently have the courtesy to be on dry land for outdoorsmen looking to lend a hand. In the video below, hunter Charlie Anderson and his son Adam came across an antler-locked buck struggling with its deceased opponent in what appears to be a small lake. As the deer desperately tried to keep its head above the water, the Andersons gave the entangled antlers a few whacks from an ax to free the live buck.

We attempted to reach Charlie Anderson—who is a veterinarian—for an interview, but was told that he is currently still on vacation. It is, after all, deer season.

Update 11-20-2013: We were able to contact Adam—the man wielding the ax. You can read our interview with him here

Image screenshot of video by Adam Anderson on YouTube

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  • keithj

    that is so cool

  • wellherewego

    Good job Guys! Awesome video!

  • Adam Anderson

    I was the idiot on the front of this boat :)……we did use the backside of the splitting maul “more like a sledge” to knock loose the piece that I sawed off with a Milwaukee sawzall. The sawzall was almost lost a few times and did get pretty wet…..still works though! Thanks for putting this up!

    • Ken Francisco

      agreed…good job.!! 🙂

    • Rose Flessert

      You are AWESOME! I have tears in my eyes

      • kandi

        me too!!

    • Judith Stella Spraske

      Totally awesome video Adam and whomever else was in the boat with you. Also to whoever posted this video. Thank you for saving the deer and thank you for sharing this.

  • Leland Farris

    Great Video of these bucks. One has to appreciate the survival instincts of the deer.

  • Geno

    Very unlikely that this buck will live, however that doesnt make it any less impressive that yall took the time to try and same him. Way to go!!

  • Jean Yellowlees

    thats awesome

  • lisa

    Excellent Job Guy!!!,,so proud that the other deer did not drown!! 🙂

  • Mercedes Anne Jensen Michalski

    Alanis Morissette, here’s a new verse for isn’t it ironic.

  • JOE


  • guest 11111111

    Good job for the boys in the boat! But whoever taped this, didn’t have a clue!

  • dave

    Way to go

  • Lawrence Wilson

    So where are all the hunter hating A-holes hiding out. Nothing bad to say about us today?? Well done guys.