It’s pretty rare to see mountain lions at dinner, but the lucky placement of one trail camera captured two of the large cats sitting down to a feast. According to the video, it appears to be a mother cougar and her young that are shown on tape, taking their time as they leisurely pick at the deer carcass.

Like most wild—and domestic—cats, mountain lions can be very lazy when they want to be.


Part one:

Part one:

Image screenshot of video by Parliament Of Owls on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Trail Cam Catches Mountain Lions Feasting on Deer

  1. I don’t believe that this was just “lucky placement of one trail camera” — the framing is just too perfect, and encompasses a fairly small area, too. I think that somebody had previously located the deer carcass by some means unknown to me, then simply set up at least two trail cams to take advantage of a great opportunity.
    Well done and congrats to the outdoorsman who captured this footage. I think that this is only the second or
    third time I’ve ever seen cougars actually feeding in the wild.

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