YouTube personality and slingshot designer Joerg Sprave didn’t build this PVC sewage pipe slingshot “rifle” because it offered better accuracy or ballistics. He made it to prove a point.

A traditional rifle includes a barrel with a pattern of grooves cut into the interior. This little feat of engineering imparts a spin to the projectile exiting a firearm’s barrel, providing better stability and generally making the shot more accurate. Sprave’s version is a drill-powered, rotating PVC pipe that flings a spinning steel ball. It works, although any benefits that a spinning ball shot has is dubious at best.

Image screenshot of video by JoergSprave on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: A “Rifled” Slingshot

  1. I accidentally found JoergSprave on YouTube while doing research for a book about firearms a few months ago.. I found his inventions fascinating enough to save them among my other favorites. I am pleased to see OutdoorHub showing his video !

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