As hunters around the country make the most of their time aiming down the scopes of their rifles, 71-year-old Kieth Mohr found himself facing a buck with a Callaway driver as his weapon of choice. The incident happened last week in Mohr’s Sugar Grove, Illinois home when the retiree responded to a deer break-in. According to CBS Chicago, the man came running out of the shower and found the six-point buck wandering through his kitchen.

“He did a lot of damage […] a lot of damage,” Mohr told the Daily Herald. “I just chased him around for probably 10 minutes. It looked like a [Charles] Manson murder—blood everywhere.”

The animal was in a state of panic and began rampaging through the house, putting both Mohr and his wife at risk. So the homeowner took up the closest weapon at hand, a golf club, and began practicing his tee shots on the deer. After some time the buck found an opening in the living room window and escaped.

The damage however, made Hohr’s home look like the set of a horror movie. There were holes in the walls, broken furniture, shattered windows, and blood everywhere. Mohr and his wife were uninjured, but officials are now looking for a wounded buck in the area. The animal should be pretty distinctive, as Mohr remembered damaging the buck’s antlers.

The report by the local sheriff’s office summarized the incident as “[a] deer ran into his house and essentially destroyed everything in its path.”

File image courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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