Oklahoma Angler Smashes 47-year Rainbow Trout State Record


Angler Mark Reed, 61, has much to be proud of after bringing in the first new Oklahoma record rainbow trout in nearly a half century. According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Reed caught his 10-pound, 10.56-ounce trout at Lake Watonga in Blaine County on November 17. The record rainbow came in at 27-3/4 inches long and 17-1/2 inches in girth.

“Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would catch a fish that big,” Reed told The Oklahoman.

The angler’s massive catch was recently certified by the wildlife officials as the new state record, ousting the long reign of a rainbow caught by Billy Payne back in 1966. Reed’s fish was heavier by a little over six ounces.

Rainbow trout are abundant in Oklahoma and are stocked every two weeks at eight designated trout areas during trout season. Although wildlife experts say that Oklahoma’s rainbow population may not yet match the large sizes of the fish in other states where the species has been long established, brag-worthy fish can still be found. At a staggering 10 pounds and 10 ounces, Reed certainly has a fish tale on his hands.

“I wouldn’t want to catch one of those every day, there is too much excitement involved in it,” Reed said.

The angler plans on having the fish mounted and possibly loaned to a nearby store for display.

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