Michael Forjohn's 130-centimeter-long muskie caught on the St. Lawrence River.
Michael Forjohn’s 130-centimeter-long muskie caught on the St. Lawrence River.

Two potential world record muskie were recently caught and released in the St. Lawrence River by two separate anglers, only two days apart. Michael Forjohn, of Ambier, Pennsylvania, landed an enormous 130 cm muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) on December 2nd, while trolling a Swim Wizz lure in the St. Lawrence River, near Clayton, New York. Once hooked up, Forjohn needed only six minutes to subdue his trophy, which he quickly measured, photographed and released alive. If approved, Forjohn’s catch would best the existing All-Tackle Length record by two centimeters, although it may not be on the books for long.

Mark Carlson's contender for breaking his own All-Tackle Length world record for muskie.
Mark Carlson’s contender for breaking his own All-Tackle Length world record for muskie.

Two days later, on December 4th, Mark Carlson of Rockford, Illinois, hooked into a massive 132 cm muskie (estimated at 55 lb) that put up a brutal 15 minute fight after it crushed the Legend Perch lure he was trolling on the St. Lawrence. Carlson, the current IGFA All-Tackle Length record holder for muskie, immediately realized his catch was of record quality and quickly measured, photographed, and released the fish alive. The potential record catch was also equipped with a tag before it was released, as Carlson actively participates in a Quebec fisheries study.

Images courtesy IGFA

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  • bob

    132cm is “only” 52 inches long. It must be pretty tough to get a catch IGFA certified if that’s the world record for length!

    • German

      It’s common to catch between 45-50

      • Iclasticons

        I must be even worse than I thought and I thought I was as bad as you could be. 45-50 would be welcome in my boat anytime!

    • Steve

      IFGA Reguires muskiesto be measured from the tip of the nose to the “v” in the tail. So these fish are really 3″-4″ longer than 52″

  • NotBob

    132cm? What freekin country do you live in? Buying gas by the liter too I supose?

    • Nathan Truscott

      You realize that the USA is one of the only countries in the world that doesn’t use the metric system right?

      • ShamWow

        you do realize that the St. Lawrence river is in the USA, right?

      • Ron

        Someone needs a geography lesson.

      • John

        That guy is a plain idiot! You know Canada, the country north of where you live!!! St. Lawrence in the USA, ahahah…

    • Iclasticons

      Looks like you missed the multiple references to the IGFA – the INTERNATIONAL GFA – that released this information. Time for a visit back to Reading 101 (metric or standard).

  • jbird

    almost every fall my buddy pulls a “47” or bigger muskie. and i have gone with him for 2, 1 week trips and caught a 36, 43, 44, 45 myself. and this last fall buddy got a “52” that was above average weight for a 52 inch muskie. the person who posted this is either delussional or just trying to cause drama. lol.

  • Petter

    Long muskie and pretty Fish.But not estimate weight,weigh the Fish and dokument it kompletely.The Fish is not a fat one . Great Catch anyway 🙂

  • WVFisherman.com

    Hats off for releasing these fish!

  • John.

    The Best part about both these stories is the fisherman released their fish, and noted that they tried to release them safely as soon as possible. That is the best lesson we all could learn and be inspired from. Probably not world records, but it appears that the fisherman were more concerned with good sportsmanship than gaining notoriety and fame. My hat is off to them completely. A true sportsman would release a fish regardless how big it is. That’s what the true nobility of the sport is all about.